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How We Can Help

Norris Fiduciary Services advises and assists clients with issues like:  

  • Are you dealing with beneficiaries that aren’t getting along?
  • Do you have questions about the financial transparency; is the current successor trustee keeping all the beneficiaries advised?
  • Does the existing successor trustee want to resign and you need an expert to step in and complete the trust administration?

Are You Experiencing 

  • Concerns about Financial Elder Abuse by someone in the family or a caregiver? Do you need guidance?
  • The pressure felt as a Baby Boomer. Are you struggling with Elder Care Issues, raising children, working and trying to balance the care of aging parents?
  • Difficulty with Special Needs Planning for someone in the family.
  • The onset of Dementia affecting your parents or spouse. Do you need help and support?
  • Worry about your parent’s Financial Situation and Estate Plan. How will they pay for extended long term care if they become incapacitated?
  • Need Case Management where someone supervises the care of your aging parent.
  • Overwhelm with your Successor Trustee duties and annual trust accounting responsibilities.
  • Live at a distance and need help with being sure your parents are being properly cared for and are not being financially taken advantage of.

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