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Welcome to Norris Fiduciary Services

Nancy Norris has been a Professional Trustee for over nineteen years, administering and managing Trusts and Estates. As a Professional Trustee she will act as a neutral third party and carry out your wishes in your living trust/estate plan. In addition to Trust and Estate administration, Norris Fiduciary Services provides Power of Attorney for Finance and Healthcare services as well as investment guidance. NFS offers elder care financial consulting. NFS also offers Trust Accounting services for other individuals. Negotiates and mediates beneficiary disputes for clients when necessary. She has over 20 years experience in Financial Services including real estate, mortgage loans and as a financial advisor/educator.

Now Accepting New Clients
Norris Fiduciary is now accepting new clients from simple to complex estates.
Please call (408) 294-5390 or email [email protected].

We provide the following Trustee Fiduciary and Financial Services:

  • Special Needs Trust Administration and Financial Management
  • Successor Trustee Services. Trust and Estate Administration
  • Durable Power of Attorney Duties: Health Care & Financial Power of Attorney (DPOA)
  • Consulting Services – Trust and Estate Management and administration

Special Needs Trust Administration & Financial Management as Trustee
A special needs trust is a legal arrangement and fiduciary relationship that allows a physically or mentally disabled or chronically ill person to receive income without reducing their eligibility for public assistance disability benefits provided by Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare or Medicaid.

Trustee Services

  • Manage trust assets, including real estate commercial and residential
  • Liquidate trust assets and distribute all trust proceeds to beneficiaries as directed in trust document
  • As a Trustee I follow the trust creator’s specific directions in each trust document

Trustee Basic Duties

  • Management of Estate Investment Portfolio
    – 20 years financial and investment advisory experience
  • Monthly review of all financial statements. Bank reconciliations done by bookkeeper
  • Pay monthly bills. Establish monthly allowance for clients
  • Run monthly income and expense reports
  • Facilitate annual tax returns, pay any taxes owed
  • Trust Accounting Specialist prepares annual trust accounting as required

Investment Guidance
Nancy was a licensed financial advisor, #0C49735

  • Review Existing Investments
  • Investment decisions for clients and financial management are done by trustee
  • Sound & Prudent Investment guidance in these tough economic times

Elder Care Consulting

  • Guidance in navigating all aspects of elder care issues