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Career Summary:

Financial Services- 1990

Certified Estate Planning Advisor-1995

Professional Fiduciary: Trustee, Successor Trustee, Power of Attorney for Healthcare & Finance, Case Management, Elder Care Planning Specialist- 2005

Business Management, Marketing and Sales- 1983

Over twentyfive years as small business owner.



Professional Fiduciary – 6 years

Norris Fiduciary Services, 2005-current

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, National Certified Guardian

Probate, Trust & SNT Administration. Power of Attorney for Health & Finance, Trustee, Successor Trustee. Conservator of person and estate. Work with elderly clients, mentally challenged & disabled clients. Manage client’s estate, health care and personal care. Provide case management. Hire & supervise caregivers. Duties include marshaling assets, inventory and appraisal of assets, monthly financial bookkeeping, providing monthly income & expense report for clients, appropriate investment management, preparing financial data for annual court accounting. Maintain accurate communication & activity logs. Manage & maintain real estate, manage remodels if necessary, oversee sale of real estate. Supervise my administrative assistant & bookkeeper.

Financial Services – over 16 years

Norris Financial, 2000-current

Active Real Estate License 1990-2002, Mortgage Broker 1990-1993

Certified Estate Planner, 1995-current.

California Licensed Insurance Agent & Financial Advisor 1995-current

NASD Registered Securities Representative 2002-2009

Medi-Cal Planning, Reverse Mortgage Advisor  2004-current

Specialized in retirement planning for teachers in Santa Clara County, 403(b) and State Teachers Retirement System, (STRS). Hosted presentations on STRS & 403(b) planning to teachers in most schools in SCC. Reviewed client’s asset allocation, diversification, investment goals, estate plan, & long-term care. Provided eldercare consulting regarding their parents. Advised seniors on safe investments. Used mutual funds, variable annuities, equity indexed annuities, and fixed investment products. Mortgage broker; commercial & residential loans. Facilitate reverse mortgage and Medi-Cal planning when appropriate for client.




California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, PF#224. Graduate in Fiduciary Management for Trustees & Conservators, CSU Fullerton. Current board member of SCC- PFAC. National Certified Guardian with NGA. Developed & hosted “Boomer Talk” radio program in Santa Cruz, KSCO-2005-06. Successfully developed consulting division for FileSafe, disaster recovery off-sight storage company. Account manager of 5 east-coast states, Frame Technology 1988-1990. International Independent Distributor for Herbalife1981-1984. Graduate of Cathedral of Faith Lay Chaplin Program 1996. Previous volunteer in Hospital Visitation Ministry, Bethel Church. Member of SVBA, CANHR, PFAC, NGA, Senior Roundtable, Women in Consulting, Jubilee CEO’s. First women President of local Lion’s club.

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